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For those of us who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet but still don’t see the results that we want, liposuction can help.

Parts of our body may still retain stubborn fat cells no matter how hard we try to get rid of them. This may be hereditary so don’t blame yourself.

Liposuction performed on common areas such as the thighs, hips, tummy, and buttocks can significantly improve overall appearance and is an effective body contouring technique.

Is Liposuction for me?

Liposuction is not for everyone. It is not a treatment for cellulite or stretch marks. The procedure is not a cure for obesity, nor is it a substitute for diet and exercise.

Candidates should be within 25% of their ideal body weight, in good physical health, and have reasonably good skin tone and elasticity.

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About Liposuction Procedures

Before the liposuction procedure, you will have a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Anzarut, which includes a physical examination and a psychological evaluation. This is to ensure you are fit to undergo surgery. Feel free to bring someone with you and ask questions.

You will be asked to sign a consent form before your operation to confirm that you understand the benefits, risks, and alternatives to the operation.

Depending on how much fat is removed and the number of areas treated, liposuction operations can take between one and four hours and are performed under general anesthetic.

To prepare the area where fat is to be removed, a mixture of anesthetic, salt solution and a medication called epinephrine is first infused to reduce bleeding and swelling.

A thin hollow tube called a cannula which is attached to vacuum machine is then inserted under the skin to loosen excess fat and suck it out. Any excess fluid and blood is then drained.

After Liposuction Treatment -Recovery

It is important to realize that even though tiny incisions are made, healing after liposuction is a gradual process, and adequate rest in the days following the surgery will be required.

For some patients, the operation is a day procedure, which means you don’t need to stay in hospital overnight. If general anesthetic is used however, an overnight stay may be recommended, as you will not be able to drive yourself home.

To reduce the risk of infection, you may be required to take antibiotics after the procedure. You will be fitted with elastic bandages to help reduce swelling and bruising, and your doctor will give you instructions on how long to wear them for.

It takes about 2 weeks to recover from liposuction and you may need to make arrangements to take up to 10 days off work.

It may take several months for the area to settle and results may not be noticeable until the swelling has gone down. This is normal.

Results of liposuction are long lasting as long as you maintain a healthy body weight. By exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, you can help maintain your new shape.

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